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Stormy Lifejackets.

Stormy Lifejackets Pty Ltd is a unique business that was founded by Helen Moore in 1993, with the compelling motive of saving lives at sea. It is a family owned operated business based in Hobart, Tasmania.

At Dive and Dive, we have been supporting Australian Companies since we start our Business in 1992.

 As a Stormy Lifejackets Service Centre, the folowing informations are selected from the Manifacturer Website, and Dive and Dive recomondations,

It is important that you regularly check your Stormy Life Jacket to ensure that the inflation chamber has not sustained any cuts or damage as a result of your use of the product. Fishing and prolonged use increase the chance that a hook or spike has punctured the life jacket without your knowing, that could jeopardise the integrity of the lifesaving product.

You can visit our Questions and Answers page https://www.diveanddive.com.au/en/pfd-1-personal-flotation-devise-service or keep reading this informations specific for Stormy Lifejackets .


Question: How much will cost to service my Stormy LifeJacket PFD-1 ?

Answer: $43.00 plus Parts for Stormy Lifejackets Yokes, PFD-1.

Answer: $46.00 plus Parts for Stormy Lifejackets Jackets or Vests, PFD-1.


Question: Who can do a service for the Stormy Lifejackets.?

Answer: Peter Kafrouni at and Dive is the  technician for Lifejackets.


Question: Who can do a Self Check on Stormy life jackets PFD-1 ?

Answer: The owner can performe a Self Check on Stormy lifejackets.


Question: What is the service pattern for the Stormy Lifejackets.?



  •  Stormy Lifejackets


  • To help you perform the Sef Check, please read Peter Kafrouni's Recomondations, Matching the numbers on the Stormy Self Check Form!
  • and if you stuck please call Peter Kafrouni on:  03 9769 0145 .


  1. General Inspections, Should be performed before every trip.
  2. Self inlation test, You can use oral inflation to do this test for 24 hours.
  3. Inspection of CO2 Cylinder, make sure you don't loose the Cylinder O'Ring, or Washer,  after removing from the Lifejackets!
  4. Inspection of Automatic Inflation Valve, make sure the mechanism is in the ready position with the green clip in place before you fit the cylinder in!
  5. Check water activate Cartridge expiry Date, make sure you have a one year clearance on the date!
  6. Refit Inspected CO2 Cylinder, Make sure you did not loose the O'Ring or the Washer!
  7. Repack LifeJacket, a good idea to follow to instruction manual.
  8. Carry all the relevant documents with your Stormy Lifejackets.


and here, some random Questions about the Stormy Lifejackets!

Question: is Stormy Lifejacket Assembled or Manifactured in Tasmania? 

Answer: the Stormy lifejackets are proudly Manifactured in Tasmania, and you are more than welcome to visit the Factory

  • Stormy Lifejackets Pty Ltd, 33 Electra Place, Mornington Tas 7018


Question: What is the Standards for the Lifejackets? 


  • Old Standards for Lifejackets is: AS-1512
  • New Standards for Lifejacketsare  are: AS-4758, AS-4758.1, ISO-12402, and the Harness ISO-12401.


Question: Can I update my Stormy Lifejackets to the new Standards? 

Answer: Only by purchasing a new Stormy Lifejackets.


Question: What is the best way to wash the Stormy Lifejackets? 


  • Make sure you disconnect the Water Activation Cartridge!
  • Do not use Hot Water!
  • Do Not use the Washer Mashine!
  • only light rub with a gentle washing detergent!
  • once the Stormy Lifejacket is dry, then fit the Water Activated Cartridge!