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PFD-1 PERSONAL FLOTATION DEVISE SERVICE Servicing Inflatable Pfd1 Life Jacket

Servicing Personal Inflatable Device Lifejacket, PFD-1

 At Dive and Dive, we have been servicing personal inflatable device lifejackets PFD-1 for over 20 Years.

Please contact Peter at Dive and Dive 03 9769 0145 to find the service you are looking for.

Common Questions about the Servicing Personal Inflatable Device Lifejacket, PFD-1:

Please Note: " this is Dive and Dive's Recommendations "


Question: How much will cost to service my PFD-1 ?

Answer: $45.00 plus Parts for Stormy PFD-1.

 Answer: $40.00 Plus Parts for All other brands PFD-1.


Question: What parts need to be changed?

Answer: Washers and o'rings on the mechanism if applicable, cylinder "if it is rusty, attempt to fire, and lost weights" oral valve if failed the test, the bladder if the heat seal is damaged, straps, and accessory if applicable, and any other element deemed to be unsafe to pass the test.


Question: Would I receive a certificate for the service?

Answer: Yes your signed tax invoice is your certificate, and the life jacket will be marked.


Question: How often the PFD-1 need to be serviced?

Answer: once every year.


Question: Who can do an inspection on my life jacket PFD-1 ?

Answer: The owner of the PFD-1 , which it should performed before every trip.


Question: Who can do a service for life jacket PFD-1.?

Answer: Only technician can do service for PFD's  " this is Dive and Dive's Recommendations "


Question: Where can I find more information on the life jacket PFD-1.? regulations?

Answer: https://www.vic.gov.au/search-results.html?q=Life%20jackets 

Answer: https://www.wearalifejacket.vic.gov.au/ 


Question: How long will take for servicing my life jacket with Dive and Dive?

Answer: Approximately 2-3 working days, “We will give you an estimate at the time"


Question: Do You wash my life jacket during the service ?

Answer: Yes a light wash is part of our service.


Question: Can i buy spare parts from Dive and Dive ?

Answer: Yes you can, "it is a good idea to bring your life jacket or the old parts with you".


Question: Do I get charged if my life jacket failed the service ?

Answer: Yes an $8.00 for our service.


Question: Is my brand you lifejacket is safe to use ?

Answer: NO " on the 21st, July, 2018 Yamaha Motor Australia has a Recall: A supply process error resulted in some lifejackets being supplied without the CO2 inflation cylinder".


Question: Can I buy a really big size Life Jackets from Dive and Dive ?

Answer: Yes Dive and Dive carry a special custom made Life Jackets and Vests up to sizes, 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL,