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Great Victorian Fish Count 2017

Environment PKafrouni COMMENTS 22 Jun, 2018

Hi Divers, 


If you were one of the 700 divers or snorkelers who jumped in the water to take part in the 2017 Great Victorian Fish Count or an above water admirer of fishes that call our southern seas home – we have just the report for you!



The Great Victorian Fish Count continues to uncover the secret lives of fish living along our beautiful coastline.

And with the target list of species expanding to include ten new and friendly shark and ray species the 2017 Great Victorian Fish Count report is more exciting than ever.

Some of the highlights from 2017 include:

  • The smooth stingray recorded in nearly 50% of surveys.
  • The confirmed sighting of a white-barred boxfish in Port Phillip Bay suggests this species may be expanding its range into Victorian waters.
  • The Blue Throat Wrasse continues to be the most commonly sighted species recorded in the highest abundance compared to any other species.


To read more about the exciting findings from 2017 the full report is now available here.


If you missed out on being a part of the 2017 Great Victorian Fish Count fear not! The next Great Victorian Fish Count will be held from 17 November until 15 December 2018. We hope to see more fish-lovers jumping into the water to take the dive that counts – together we can make 2018 the biggest and best fish count ever!

Kind regards,

Tabatha Loughnan, Kade Mills, and the Team at Dive and Dive

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